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Uniquely Competitive Blockchain Social Casino Platform

  • Tobigca’s ‘Texasholdem3D’ based on the successful version on the Samsung Smart TV, will be enhanced blockchain new version.
  • Efficient two-tier blockchain-based (World Node/Game Node) game system delivering speedy, stable and safe game play
  • Highly rewarding proprietary cryptocurrency (“TOC”) ecosystem: the more you participate, the more benefits you get!

Tobigca ecosystem

Tobigca has designed an unique business model, best-suited for blockchain-based social casino platform.

Tobigca Casino Platform

Tobigca enables the speedy, stable and safe game play, supported by highly efficient two-tier smart contract-based game system.


Purchase limitation applies
Minimum Purchase: 2 ETH
Maximum Purchase: 50 ETH
Only 1,000 seats allowed in each stage
03.April – 12.April 17.April – 26.April 01.May – 10.May
8% Bonus 5% Bonus 3% Bonus
1 ETH = 21,600 TOC 1 ETH = 21,000 TOC 1 ETH = 20,600 TOC
The token sale schedule is as follows:

* On April 3rd, 2018: Pre-Sale
* In August, 2018: ICO
* Pre-sale period is from April 3rd(GMT time 00:00) to May 10th (GMT time 24:00).

  • Upon achieving the targeted amount, the ICO process shall be closed.
  • Tobigca shall issue the aggregate amount of 1,000,000,000 TOC, with 60% of total issuances shall be allocated via pre-sale and ICO process.
  • During the pre-sale process Tobigca limits the aggregate number of pre-sale participant at 3,000 or 200,000,000 TOC. The minimal and maximum of TOC per participant is 40,000, 1,000,000 TOC, respectively.
  • The pre-sale process shall be closed upon achieving (i) 3,000 participants or (ii) 200,000,000 TOC sale.
  • Pre-sale participants shall be endowed with a preemptive right for the additional 20% of Tobigca’s total revenue dividends.
If you want more than 50 ETH, please contact us by e-mail(

TOC Allocation

  • ICO 40%
  • Pre-Sale 20%
  • Bank Window 15%
  • Council 14%
  • etc 11%

ETH Allocation

  • Development 51.6%
  • Marketing 26.7%
  • Operation 11.65%
  • Licensing 10.05%


Game Demo
TaxasHoldem3D is Tobigca's first game, developed by Tobigca Team.

With various and dynamic 3D camera angles, Tobigca brings the real casino experiences to its players globally online in real time.
In-Game, Lobby
In-Game, Game Room


2017 2Q

Hyperledger R&D

2017 3Q

Start Dvelopment on "TexasHoldem3D" PC & Mobile with blockchain

2017 4Q

Start Development on Tobigca Platform

2018 1Q


2018 2Q

Tobigca Platform Open

2018 3Q

"TexasHoldem3D" launching, ICO

2018 4Q

2 or 3 more Table Card Games launching and Listing


Full-fledged Casino Game Line-up


Aoki Masahide

Netfel CEO

Aoki has served as several senior investment positions at multinational companies, namely Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate development, operations and finance.

Naoki Kinoshita

Netfel CFO

Naoki is CFO of Netfel, Inc. He is an expert in cryptocurrency business. His career began in fintech business consulting and research. Now he is leading Tobigca’s cryptocurrency business efforts.

Coven Jung

Greenland CEO

Coven is a gaming and casino specialist with over 20 years of industry experiences. He is responsible for developing proprietary gambling and shuffling algorithms of various 'card' games.

Sungjin Kim

Greenland VP

With over 18 years of experiences in game industry, Sungjin has an unrivaled passion for the game. He led the corporate strategy efforts at Neowiz. As the co-Founder of Greenland, Sungjin now leads Greenland's overall game marketing and operation efforts.

Aidan Nam

Lead Developer

Aidan has over 19 years of game industry and computer science, specializing in designing new architecture.  He is currently leading Tobigca's blockchain system and game development team.

Jinho Kim

Network Engineer

Jinho is a network designer, specializing in gaming and social casino game contents.  He is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experiences.  Jinho also has extensive know-how in developing complex smart contracts and various cryptocurrency projects.

Insoo GO


Insoo is a computer science undergraduate with 15 years of experiences in IT industry. He specializes in data science, machine learning and blockchain technologies.

Sean Kim

IT Marketer

Sean has over 15 years of experiences in IT marketing with LG CNS and Webzen. He also led a joint venture online game development project in China.  Sean recently served as the CEO at mobile game company called mSeed Co., Ltd.

Michael BS Chin


Michael is a corporate finance specialist with over 20 years of experiences.  He has held several mgmt positions at major financial institutions such as Ernest & Young, KPMG and Korea Development Bank in Korea.


Navid Firouz

Chief Advisor

Navid has held technology mgmt positions at multinational companies - most recently as a chief engineer in the CTO office of LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, focusing on smart device innovation & digital monetization. Navid also led the game tech. group at AMD in Asia.

John Oh

Technology & Finance advisor

John is the founder and CEO of Rhyzen Games, a mobile game company.  Prior to gaming business, John was a pioneer in the Korean equity brokerage business over 20 years, serving as Equity CEO of BNP Paribas and Head of Sales at UBS Securities in Korea.

Osamu Nakamura

Finance (VC) Advisor

Osamu was a director of JAFCO Korea which is a major Japanese venture capital’s Korean investment arm. Then, he moved to GE Equity Asia in charge of Japan and Korea market. Most recently, he served as Executive Director and Credit Risk Leader in GE Capital Japan.

Eric Kim

Game Business Advisor

He has over 12 year hands-on experience of game business development and operation. Based on strong partnership management with game developers and publishers network, his expertise covers from game acquisition to operation through game publishing.

Hardy Fujiwara

Senior Marketing Advisor

Hardy has 40-years experience in int'l business for a wide range of industries from electronics to game.  Until recently, he worked for the Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't as a global navigator assisting SME to develop overseas markets for electronics and health-care products.

Yongnam Jin

Game & Finance Advisor

Yongnam has over 10 years of experiences in online and mobile game industry. Earlier in his career, Yongnam worked as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley and DLJ in Asia.